How Do I Rip a DVD to My Hard Drive?

Can I Rip a DVD to my hard drive?


Q: "I am going on a long trip soon, and would like to be able to watch my movies on my laptop while I am gone. Can I rip my DVD to my external hard drive so that I can watch them with PowerDVD or Windows Media Player, etc? How? What software do I need? "


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A: Yes, you can, a good DVD Ripper is needed. And DVD Copy Ultimate is the right software for you.


Is It Worth The Money?


DVD Copy Ultimate is the best DVD to hard drive ripper software, either the internal hard drive or the external hard drive, with which you can not only rip your movies from the DVD to your hard drive in the .vob format, but also you can use DVD Copy Ultimate to rip movies to your iphone, ipad, ipod, iTunes, android devices like Samsung Galaxy S iii, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, HTC etc. With this powerful software, you can also copy the dvd to a blank dvd. Just download this great software for your needs.


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Steps to rip the DVD to hard drive with DVD Copy Ultimate


* Free download DVD Copy Ultimate


Step 1. Launch DVD Copy Ultimate


Step 2. Make the Open Method Setting:

choose Open Method

It’s recommended to set the Lowly Enhanced or Highly Enhanced Open Method which can help you find the exact the real main movie tile from the list of potential fake ttles in some latest DVD movies.


Step 3. Make Source Setting: Click the Source option to choose the DVD drive where your DVD movie has been inserted into.

Make source setting

Step 4. Set the Output Target for storing the dvd movies

Please select the DVD Folder, then you will get a box for your selecting where you can store your DVD files.

For copying to you hard drive, please choose the hard drive (internal or external) that can store your dvd movies.

copy dvd movies to hard drive

Step 5. Click to choose DVD Clone Mode.

choose the DVD clone mode


* Full Disc: Entire movie DVD will be copied to DVD or hard disk (DVD folder & ISO image).
* Main Movie: Only the longest title will be copied.
* Customize: Select any title or chapter you want to copy.
* Clone: Clone DVD to DVD directly in 1:1 ratio. Multiple DVD-ROMs are necessary and the target DVD drive should have burning ability.

Step 6. Set Target Size:

choose the DVD size

DVD5: 4.7 GB

DVD9: 6.81 GB

Customize: Specify your own output size.


After all these settings, just click Open DVD to start the DVD Copying, once the program finishes the copying process, the DVD movie disc will eject automatically. Then you can get your DVD movies on your hard drive.


What's next?

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