How to Find a DVD Ripper for Digital Devices

Nowerdays, more and more people have digital devices such as mobile phone, iPod, iPad, Zune and etc. These digital devices have greatly changed our life as we begin to have more choices to get fun and enjoyment. Thanks to the technology, or we may still use the outdating devices like walkman, used to be the most popular portable music player but now has been replaced by iPod, PSP, iPhone and other similar portable devices. We play DVD instead of CD as well. However, it is not easy to enjoy DVD on our portable devices, so many people are looking to convert their DVDs in a format which suites their portable devices. That's why people need a DVD ripper to finish the task.

When choosing a DVD Ripper, please keep these in mind

It is a bit trouble as different portable devices support different formats and if you like to convert DVD to your portable device, you should make sure whether the DVD ripper is able to convert that. At the same time, you have to evaluate different DVD ripper software in the market for the most suitable one. What you should do is to make the choice and get more information on finding a good DVD ripper program. These factors that needed to be cared about when decide to buy a DVD Ripper.

Easy Operation

No one wants to use a complicated DVD ripper software to do the task, so an easy-to-use DVD ripper program is required. One should pay attention to its interface and the function design. You should be clear about where to start and where to stop whening using the program. If you intend to convert DVD to iPod, the DVD ripper should have a clear option showed "Convert DVD to iPod". Some software may give an option showed "Convert to MP4", it is Okay but it may bring trouble to some users who don't know MP4 format well.

Try before Buying

You can't know exactly except you have tried it. Before buying a DVD Ripper software, make sure that you like to use that DVD ripper program to help you convert DVD to your portable devices. You should mind that even the easiest software is of no use If it doesn't seem easy particularly to you.

Foramts Supported

As I mentioned before, different portable devices support different formats. Make sure that the DVD ripper software you would like to purchase supports various formats so that you can convert DVD to iPod, DVD to Zune, DVD to PSP and other digital devices using a single utility.

Freeware VS Paid

There are similar freeware on the market that announces having the ability to convert your DVD to different devices. If you want to try that, be careful. Because the freeware always have no support provided and they may not work correctly. You get what you pay for!

Video or Audio Quality

Don't ever compromise with Video or Audio Quality. Also, make sure that you don't use the Advanced options to change the aspect ratio and other things until you know what you are doing.

It is time for you to buy a DVD ripper if you have the requirement to enjoy DVD on your portable devices anywhere anytime. After using the DVD ripper program to convert the DVD, please note that you would need to transfer the converted file to your portable device like iPod, iPad, iPhone and etc. To do so, you will need to use iTunes. Make sure that iPod is connected to your computer properly and click on "File-->Add To Library" in iTunes and add the files to your Library in iTunes. Right Click Over the file you want to transfer to iPod and select the appropriate option. All is done!

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