How to use DVD Copy Ultimate to copy & rip DVD?

DVD Copy Ultimate is the best choice for you when it comes to finding a way to clone your DVD to a blank DVD, copy DVD to DVD folder or ISO files on hard drve, and rip your DVD to video format for playing on devices like iPhone, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, iPad etc. Here below you will see how DVD Copy Ultimate works for you.


For your convenience, just click the link below to copy & rip your DVD movies.

I. How to Copy DVD Movie to New DVD/DVD Folder/ISO File?

II. How to Rip DVD Movie to Video Formats/iPhone/iPad/Android?

Part I. How to Copy DVD Movie (protected or non-protected) with DVD Copy Ultimate

1. Download DVD Copy Ultimate, then install and launch it.


2. Make the Open Method Setting:

choose Open Method

It’s recommended to set the Lowly Enhanced or Highly Enhanced Open Method which can help you find the exact the real main movie tile from the list of potential fake ttles in some latest DVD movies.


3. Make Source Setting: Click the Source option to choose the DVD drive where your DVD movie has been inserted into.

Make source setting


4. Output Target

For copying to DVDR, please note: If you have more than one DVDRW drive, just choose another drive, otherwise, please choose the same drive your DVD movie inserted in.

For copying DVD to DVD folder: just choose the folder that can store your dvd movies.

choose the target folder to store the dvd file


5. Click to choose DVD Clone Mode.

choose the DVD clone mode



* Full Disc: Entire movie DVD will be copied to DVD or hard disk (DVD folder & ISO image).
* Main Movie: Only the longest title will be copied.
* Customize: Select any title or chapter you want to copy.
* Clone: Clone DVD to DVD directly in 1:1 ratio. Multiple DVD-ROMs are necessary and the target DVD drive should have burning ability.


6. Set Target Size:

choose the DVD size

DVD5: 4.7 GB

DVD9: 6.81 GB

Customize: Specify your own output size.


After all these settings, just click Start to start the DVD Copying, once the program finishes the copying process, the DVD movie disc will eject automatically.


Note: For copying DVD to another DVD, once the program finishes the DVD copying, you can either insert a blank DVD disc promptly :

Insert blank dvd

Take out the DVD movie disc, insert a blank DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and click "Retry" to start burning.

Note:If your DVD disc is not empty, the program will prompt you to erase the disc. Click "Yes" to automatically erase the disc.

Erese dvd disc

Wait for a while, then a new DVD copy is created!

DVD Copy complete

Part II. How to Rip DVD Movie to Video Formats and Devices

1. Launch DVD Copy Ultimate and click DVD Ripper

2. Choose Open Method

3. Open Source DVD

4. Choose DVD Ripper Mode: Click DVD Ripper tab in the left panel and choose output device.

5. Choose Output Folder.

choose dvd target folder

You can use windows default document folder. Or, s6lect DVD Folder from the drop-down list of the Target option, and browse a folder to save the converted movie.

6. Select Output Options.

choose dvd ripper mode

Choose the video and audio output formats for the DVD or please set the video formats that supported by your devices.

7. Click Start to start ripping the DVD.

Note: The program will automatically replace the previous ripped movie with the newly ripped movie in the output folder. Thus, you need to manually transfer your converted movie to another folder once the program finishes ripping a DVD movie.

If you want to transfer your DVD movie to your devices such as Android tablets, smartphones, iPhone, iPad, just copy the ripped movie to them without any restrictions.


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